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🍁 Use Code "FALL150" For $150 OFF All Saunas 🍁

Frequently Asked Questions


The longer you stay in the sauna, the more you risk dehydration, so a general rule is to cap your time to 15 to 20 minutes. The Finnish, who the word “sauna” comes from, may have an even simpler suggestion since the sauna is meant for relaxing, not ticking off minutes: Leave the sauna once you feel hot enough. 
*And make sure to stay hydrated*

Other FAQ's

The appropriate temperature for a sauna depends on your preference! Most people prefer to enjoy their sauna at temperatures between 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit for traditional saunas and 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit for infrared saunas.
After your sauna, cleanse your skin via shower or bath to remove any and all residues or salts left behind. A quick rinse will close your pores once again and is the perfect way to end your sauna experience. It is recommended that you moisturize your skin with a high quality moisturizing lotion. It's also ideal to shampoo your hair afterward. Don't forget to drink an adequate amount of water, mineral water, fruit or vegetable juice to replace fluids that were lost during your heat bathing.
A traditional sauna generally takes between 30 - 45 minutes to fully heat up. During this time, the rocks will be heated to the perfect temperature for soft heat and soft steam.  

An infrared sauna is not as much about the heat/room temperature, as it is of the penetration or the absorption of the infrared energy. You can technically start using the infrared sauna immediately, but if you prefer to have the room itself preheated it can be warmer in as little as 10 minutes; plan on 30 – 45 minutes to reach the upper temperature range in an IR sauna.  

Cotton is the perfect cloth for relaxing in the sauna, as it absorbs excess heatwaves and allows the skin to breathe properly. Even if they are cotton, avoid wearing any tight clothes, including underwear. Any bras worn into the sauna should be loose-fitting, breathable, and free of underwires.

Sizing a sauna room – The general rule of thumb is that you will require 1 Kw for every 50 cubic feet of sauna room. So, as an example for a 5.5' x 5' sauna room with a 7' ceiling you will require 5.5 x 5 x 7 = 192.5 cubic feet so you will require a 4 Kw or bigger sauna heater.


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