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🍁 Use Code "FALL150" For $150 OFF All Saunas 🍁


How Long Does A Barrel Sauna Last?

planning to add an outdoor/barrel sauna to your life isn’t a small decision! Because of this, it is completely natural to wonder exactly how long a barrel sauna will last you. There are always the harsh elements of weather to consider, as well as the natural wear and tear of anything man-made that will occur over time.


The GREAT News Is. Outdoor Saunas Are Specifically Built To Last And Withstand The Environment!


Outdoor Saunas Are Crafted Using Durable Wood!

The majority of barrel saunas are crafted using irrefutably durable wood, such as Western Red Cedar, Canadian Hemlock, and thermally treated Pine.

However some suggest treatment of the exterior wood of your sauna is, it will maintain its durability even left untreated.


Where To Place Your Outdoor Sauna To Extend It's Lifespan

Fist things first. When determining where to place your sauna, keep in mind the foundation must be flat, or slightly tapered, and firm. These are some areas we reccomend placing your sauna:

  • Deck
  • Paved Stones
  • Concrete
  • Pressed Gravel

Regardless of where you place a barrel sauna (we reccomend any of the platforms above), even if directly on the ground, molded cradle supports will keep the bottom of the sauna safe from moisture damage.


Molded cradle supports keep the sauna safe from moisture damage when placed on the ground directly.

How To Build An Outdoor Sauna

Selecting and building an outdoor home sauna is a lot less complicated than it sounds. Below we’ll walk you through why that is.

Barrel Saunas Come With Evrything You Need

The saunas we offer already come with everything you would need for an easy assembly. It comes with almost everything you need to go from zero to sauna!

There are some things to keep in mind regarding “hooking up” your sauna heater. First, you have 2 options available:


  1. Wood-Burning Sauna Heater - Requires wood to burn, and you'll also want to get a vent and firewall.
  2. Electric Sauna Heater - Requires appropriate wiring which we recommend a certified electrician to do.

As for the pre-assembled parts, they come with clear directions and holes that are pre-drilled for your convenience. The pre-assembled parts consist of the following:

  • Ceiling Panels
  • Panel
  • End Sections
  • Benches
  • Door

The best part is within a few hours you can have a fully assembled sauna with the help of one or two other people! Of course, the project can be completed alone if necessary, but having help makes the build a lot easier & faster.


If you still feel skeptical about taking on the project of building your own sauna, rest assured that basic, easy-to-follow instructions will be there to help you along the way. Not to mention, there are also very helpful how-to-videos on almost every product page for step-by-step guidance!

Outdoor Sauna Maintenance Tips

Using Your Outdoor Sauna With Lifespan In Mind

Sauna users often neglect these crucial steps, but if you implement them into your routine, you will contribute to the longevity of your investment.

Before Using Sauna:

  • Clean Your Feet: Cleaning your feet before using your sauna eliminates dirt and sweat build-up, reducing the chance of growing mold.
  • Shower: You may even “up the ante” by requiring your guests to shower before entering your sauna, which in turn will assist with cutting back on sweat, dirt, and grime visibly left behind on your wood floors and benches.



During/After Using Sauna:

  • Use Towels: By using absorbent towels while inside your sauna, you will collect any sweat that may cause stains. Start a routine of using fresh towels on the floors and benches of your sauna and always have them readily available for guests. Remember to remove used towels after use. You don’t want to leave “wet” towels inside the sauna!
  • Wipe the Wood: Use a soft towel to wipe benches to rid the sauna of any extra moisture left behind. This will help it last longer.
  • Open the Door: After using the sauna with a lot of steam, you may want to leave the door open for a few hours to assist with it fully drying out.

How To Maintain The Interior Wood Of Your Outdoor Sauna

Avoid Using Water

If your sauna is a traditional sauna, you’ll want to avoid using hard water when you clean your sauna as well as for pouring over rocks to make steam. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium salts. Lime build-up is caused by the salts when steam has cooled, which is difficult to clean. If this does occur, sandpaper or sanding discs can help rid your outdoor home sauna of lime buildup.

Avoid Using Sealent

While your first instinct to maintain your sauna’s wood might be to use some kind of a sealant to reduce moisture, you never want to use chemical sealants or protectants inside! Since your sauna does use high heat to operate, protectants and sealants will often off-gas chemicals which can be harmful for your health.

How To Care For Your Sauna Heater, Vents, Door & More!

Heater Care

Fortunately, your sauna heater will not require much extra care. If you want to clean it, soft cloth to wipe down your sauna heater in the same fashion as your interior wood is practical.

Your sauna stones should last for years. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Only Use Designated Sauna Stones - Remember to only use sauna stones that were created specifically for your sauna heater.

  • Replace Split Sauna Stones - Your sauna stones may split open or crack due to exposure to various temperature changes. Replace them immediately.

Sauna Door & Vent Care

Be sure to be mindful of your sauna’s doors and vents. They should always function optimally, with the door and vents being able to easily open and close. Minimal repairs such as screw replacement may be necessary. If you notice loose hinge screws, try using longer screws instead.

If you encounter issues with closing your sauna door, follow the following steps:

  1. Closely examine where there might be “higher” spots on the door.

  2. Use a pencil to mark them.

  3. Sand down any excess material.

If your sauna door keeps popping open, the ketch may need adjusting. For an easy, simple solution, you may also add a small piece of cardboard between the hinge and the jam.

Sauna vents, which are made of wood, serve the purpose of regulating heat, fresh air, and humidity. For issues with your sauna vent, you can sand the edges or loosen its screws. You can also reduce drag by sanding the slider corners.


Replacing Accessories

Whether you need something as simple as a replacement for a broken double robe hook, thermometer, or something more intricate such as a backlit Himalayan Salt Wall Panel, you should always replace accessories immediately if they start to malfunction.